A Note from Tess


    To you who have ventured this far searching for the potential right partner for your project!

    I love my work!

    For over 25 years I continue to enjoy new projects because they have the fun of problem solving. Every project has its own community, its own stakeholders, its own constraints, its own expectations, and its own desired results. I step into each new arena, as a new frontier for imagination and creativity.

    Coming from my theatre background, I see the big picture and also appreciate the details involved to realize the whole vision.
    I am your advocate and your “back pocket” resource. For you, we will theorize, analyze, and scrutinize. You will receive options to consider that we will carry forward until we develop the perfect solution. You can be as involved to the extent you wish to be.

    My theory is that we provide you with a strong foundation, environment, or management plan that allows you to focus on conveying your message and working with your principal stakeholders.

    We’ve done our job when all the myriad of details (and there are hundreds) have been worked out and the effect is that the entire project appeared to effortlessly progress to a stunning success for you.

    Let’s talk and see if there’s a good connection, and together we can create and shine!



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