Webinars & Webcasting

Broadcast your message to thousands of your members through a webcast. These are optimized to be viewed on any online browser or mobile device. These are ideal for large announcements, press conferences, sales events and whenever an important message needs to be delivered! If you need to make this interactive and support Q&A we can turn this into a webinar to meet your needs!

Virtual Events & Conferences

Leveraging scalable digital products and backed by world-class infrastructure we can make your conference or summit come to life virtually. We’ll work with you through every element of the production and can even design, build, and install pop-up sets for your key speakers so they can look their best wherever they may be streaming from!

Technical Production

Dozens of trucks moving in and out of loading docks, cases of equipment flowing up and down elevators, catering for crews of up to 150 union technicians, trash removal, transportation, permits & jurisdictional regulations for outdoor events… we bring the experience needed in the planning and management of all the details of production.

Production Management

Tess Wald Productions is a leader in producing and managing live events. Our years of experience in venues across the country, our attention to detail, and our enthusiastic approach to event production have made us the vendor of choice for all of our clients.

Creative Development

We love to join our clients at the start of their creative process and work with them to shape their project from the ground up. We bring many years of experience to the table. We can introduce you to the newest technologies and help you bring traditional approaches to the highest level. We work with the finest lighting designers, sound designers, video producers, and innovative video presentation experts. Every detail of production offers an opportunity for creative use.

Scenic Design

Our designs have brought energy and excitement to productions of all kinds – live events and conventions, broadcast and cable television shows, exhibitions, commercial showrooms, editorial and advertising photography. No matter the venue, outlet, or target audience, we begin with our clients’ central goals for their project and find ways to communicate them through form, structure, color, space, light and all the other elements of scenery.